Regional MICS4 Workshop on Survey Design - Bamako, 27 July-3 August 2009

The Regional MICS4 Workshop on Survey Design for Francophone African countries was organized in Bamako (Mali), by the UNICEF WCARO Regional Office, hosted by UNICEF Mali, at the Hotel Salam, 27 July - 3 August 2009.

The workshop was attended by 20 countries. The majority of the countries were from the Western and Central African Region. Two countries from the Middle East and North Africa Region, and two countries from the Eastern and Southern Africa Region also attended (with numbers of participants in parentheses):

WCARO: Benin (4), Burkina Faso (2), Cameroun (4), Central African Republic (3), Chad (5), Congo (3), DR Congo (5), Cote d'Ivorie (2), Gabon (4), Guinea (2), Guinea-Bissau (4), Mali (13), Mauritania (3), Niger (2), Senegal (3), Togo (4)
ESARO: Comoros (3), Rwanda (1)
MENARO: Djibouti (3), Morocco (1)

In total, 70 participants represented 20 countries. The majority of sessions and discussions were delivered in French and simultaneously translated to English. For the few facilitators who did not speak French, translation from English to French was done.

Facilitators were (in alphabetical order):
Attila Hancioglu (UNICEF New York MICS Team)
Danielle Burke (Statistics and Monitoring Section, UNICEF New York)
Julien Amegandjin (Consultant - Sampling)
Michka Seroussi (Regional MICS Coordinator, UNICEF WCARO)
Priscilla Akwara (Statistics and Monitoring Section, UNICEF New York)
Robert Johnston (Nutrition Specialist, UNICEF WCARO)
Tinga Sinare (Consultant - Household surveys)
Trevor Croft (Consultant - Household surveys)

Several of the participating countries were planning Demographic and Health Surveys. Soumaila Mariko represented the DHS programme, took an active part in working groups, delivered a presentation on biomarkers in household surveys.

The workshop was opened by Attila Hancioglu, Deborah McWhinney (Deputy Representative, UNICEF Mali), and a Representative from the Ministry of Health in Mali.

Content was very similar to the previous workshop in Bangkok, with the exception that the workshop was extended to seven days. At the end of the workshop, participants were presented certificates of attendance. An additional session was organized after the workshop hours, with attendance of participants on a voluntary basis, on interagency mortality estimates. The session was facilitated by Attila Hancioglu.


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