Regional MICS4 Workshop on Data Processing - Bangkok, 7-19 September, 2009

The first regional MICS4 workshop on data processing has just been completed in Bangkok, for the countries of South Asia, East Asia and Pacific regions.

The workshop began on September 7th and concluded on September 19th. Organized at the Landmark Hotel by APSSC, the workshop was attended by data processing experts from 5 countries (with numbers of participants in parentheses): Afghanistan (3), Bhutan (3), DPRKorea (3), Myanmar (2), and Pakistan (3).

The workshop was mainly facilitated by Ivana Bjelic (MICS Data Processing Expert) and Sherell Goggin (Consultant), and included three main components: Data entry and editing with CSPro, secondary editing and tabulations with SPSS, and survey archiving with the IHSN toolkit. Turgay Unalan (MICS Household Survey Specialist) and Attila Hancioglu (Global MICS Coordinator) also coordinated sessions, mainly those on SPSS.

Rhiannon James (Regional MICS Specialist) was in attendance throughout. Mokhles Rahman (Consultant) also participated and supported the facilitation of sessions.

The Regional MICS4 Data Processing Workshop is the second workshop organized in each region, after having countries attend the first workshop on Survey Design. Expected to attend to this workshop are data processing experts from MICS4 implementing agencies, with finalized questionnaires. The workshop is not about a comprehensive teaching of CSPro or SPSS, but is, rather modestly, about getting the participants understand how they need to adopt the standard CSPro data entry and editing, and SPSS secondary editing and tabulation programs to their country surveys, in accordance with their questionnaires.

The next regional MICS4 workshop on data processing is scheduled to take place in Dakar, during the second half of October 2009.


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