Regional MICS4 Workshop on Survey Design - Bangkok, 15-21 July 2009

Regional MICS4 Workshops kicked off with the "Survey Design" workshop in Bangkok, at the Nai Lert Park Hotel, 15-21 July 2009.

Organized by UNICEF APSSC, the workshop was attended by 13 countries (with numbers of attendees indicated in parentheses) from the South Asia, East Asia and Pacific regions (in alphabetical order):

Afghanistan (4), Bangladesh (3), Bhutan (6), DPRKorea (1), Lao PDR (5), Malaysia (2), Mongolia (3), Myanmar (4), Nepal (4), Pakistan (10), Philippines (3), Thailand (11), Vietnam (3)

In total, 59 participants representing 13 countries were present, plus 12 observers who attended selected sessions.

The main facilitators of the workshop were (in alphabetical order):

Attila Hancioglu (UNICEF New York MICS Team)
David Megill (Consultant – Sampling)
Emma Holmberg (UNICEF New York MICS Team)
Holly Newby (Statistics and Monitoring Section, UNICEF New York)
Ivana Bjelic (UNICEF New York MICS Team)
Kerry Richter (Consultant – Household Surveys)
Magdalena Janus (Consultant – Early Childhood Development)
Oliver Petrovic (Early Childhood Development Section, UNICEF New York)
Rhiannon James (Regional MICS Coordinator, UNICEF APSSC)
Muhammad Shuaib (Consultant – Household Surveys)
Tessa Wardlaw (Chief, Statistics and Monitoring Section, UNICEF New York)
Turgay Unalan (UNICEF New York MICS Team)

In addition, France Begin (Nutrition Adviser, APSSC) co-facilitated sessions on anthropometry.

The workshop was opened by Tessa Wardlaw, Jirawan Boonperm (Deputy Director General, Thailand National Statistical Office), Peter Delahaye (Deputy Regional Director, APSSC), and Anupama Rao Singh (Regional Director, UNICEF EAPRO).

Sessions included introductory presentations to MICS4 survey tools and methodology, demonstrations (anthropometry and salt testing), presentations of country survey plans by participating countries, and working group sessions. Selected countries also presented their past experience with conducting MICSs surveys. During the closing ceremony, certificates of attendance were presented to participants, together with soft copies of all workshop documents, on flash drives especially designed for the MICS programme.


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