Regional MICS4 Workshop on Survey Design - Amman, 24-30 October 2009

The Regional MICS4 Workshop on Survey Design for the countries of the Middle East and North Africa was organized in Amman, Jordan, by the UNICEF MENA Regional Office. The workshop took place at Grand Hyatt Hotel, during 24-30 October 2009.

37 participants from 12 countries attended the workshop. Countries attending were (with numbers of participants in parentheses):

Algeria (1), United Arab Emirates (2), Saudi Arabia (2), Iraq (4), Jordan (4), Morocco (2), Occupied Palestinian Territory (4), Sudan (6), Syria (3), Tunisia (2), and Yemen (3).

The Kazakhstan team from the CEECIS region also attended the workshop, with 4 participants.

The workshop was opened by Marilena Viviani (UNICEF MENARO Deputy Regional Director), Pierre Ngom (UNICEF MENARO Regional Chief of Monitoring and Evaluation), and Attila Hancioglu (Global MICS Coordinator).

Almost all of the sessions were facilitated by (in alphabetical order):

Attila Hancioglu (UNICEF New York MICS Team)
David Megill (Consultant - Sampling)
Emma Holmberg (UNICEF New York MICS Team)
Holly Newby (Statistics and Monitoring Section, UNICEF New York)
Oliver Petrovic (Early Childhood Development Section, UNICEF New York)
Samir Farid (Consultant – Household Surveys)
Sarah Ahmad Mirza (UNICEF MENARO MICS Coordinator)
Turgay Unalan (UNICEF New York MICS Team)

Also in attendance were Edmond Harfouche from the Central Administration for Statistics, Lebanon who facilitated a session on the use of PDAs in the Lebanese MICS survey, and Toby Wicks from the Emergency Section of UNICEF MENARO, who facilitated a session on the use of GPS. Pierre Ngom (UNICEF MENARO Regional Chief of Monitoring and Evaluation), Mohammed Mahmoudi and Nayef Abed (Sampling consultants), and Vicente Teran (UNICEF MENARO Programme Officer) also attended and actively contributed to the discussions.

Organization and logistics of the workshop was handled by the Arab Institute for Training and Research in Statistics (AITRS).

The workshop was completed in 6 days. As with all other workshops, country teams presented their survey plans and intentions on the last day of the workshop. Participants received certificates of attendance from Hasmik Egian (UNICEF MENARO Regional Chief of Programme and Planning) and Attila Hancioglu during the closing ceremony.


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